1. Academic Travel Programs
We at Bharat Travels have seen India for the last 68 years. We deeply understand the rich and vibrant heritage of India-be it the splendid architecture, the finest art forms, the varied Bio-Diversity.

We closely work with Academic Institutions to curate highly relevant programs which are relevant to the specific field of study under consideration.

2. Indology Programs

Our Core Competence is Indology. Indology is the academic study of the history and cultures, languages, and literature of the Indian subcontinent. Being a 5000 year old civilization, the Indian subcontinent is a treasure house of wisdom and knowledge. Our programs are curated by Fulbright Scholars, Naturalists, Anthropologists and repute academicians to facilitate meaningful interpretation of Indian subcontinent and its relevance to the contemporary world.
3. Cross Cultural Programs

Belief drives behaviour. The finest way to understand the beliefs of an individual, community or a business ecosystem is to learn their culture and its impact on their behaviour. While this may seem simple, in a globalized world culture becomes inevitable to survive in the diverse yet connected world.

Having traversed the lengths and breadth of the sub continent, and closely understood the diverse culture we at Bharat Travels are passionate to curate highly effectively Cross Cultural programs to enable the participants achieve important goals from universal acceptance to fostering friendship across nations.

4. Community Integration Programs

The rich heritage and legacy of India is preserved and practiced in many communities across India.

Ensuring that this legacy is preserved and practiced is an important responsibility of the entire society as many of the rich expressions of our culture has been lost due to inattention and oversight. While these practices are slowly fading away, many of them carry with them deeper insights into the coexistence of man and nature, energy management, frugal practices which are highly relevant for individuals, communities, and businesses.

Our community Integration Programs are curated in such a manner wherein there is a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas so as to enable the re creation of the fundamental balance in the ecosystem.

5. Voluntourism

Mankind being the pinnacle of nature’s evolution are fundamentally designed to love and serve each other. With this vision as the guiding principle, we at Bharat Travels have identified several avenues for volunteers to contribute their skill and time while in the Indian subcontinent. These programs are so designed to address some of the pressing problems of the globe today that includes Global Warming & Climate Change, Education, Infant and Maternal Mortality, Unemployment, Food Security, and Governance.

6. Affinity Tours

We curate relevant programs based on the inherent interests of the groups. Be it the splendid art and architecture, the vibrant culture, and the mysterious origin of mankind, to the abundant biodiversity of Indian Subcontinent we organize programs to keep the participants engaged to develop relationships by spending quality time imbuing the experiences thereby strengthening bonds and building loyalty.