Program Overview:

Nilgiris is the oldest mountain range in South India. Also known as Mudumalai or ancient hills in local vernacular, Nilgiri and adjoining wilderness comprise over 12000 sq kms of diverse vegetation. Evergreen forests, grasslands and dry scrub jungle characterized by deep valleys, rugged gorges, cascades, and rivers. Temperate and tropical climate with abundant rains have sustained large population of wildlife.

Badagas were the first alien tribesmen to settle in this region. Driven by Moghuls from Mysore they were given asylum by Thodas of the grassland plateau in return for thier agricultural skills. Thodas were considered noble for their unusual caucasoid features, vegetarianism, knitting and dyeing skills, buffalo rearing, and polygamy. In the hostile slopes of Silent Valley the Negroid Kurumbas built small shelters under the rain forest canopy. They planted banana, taught by Badagas in exchange for voodoo and witchcraft which Kurumbas are feared for. However, hunting, and trapping animals except buffaloe killing continued as a mark of respect and regard for the noble Thodas. Such is the socio-cultural interdependency of the tribes of Nilgiris.

This program is conceived to present the anthropology and wilderness of Nilgiris. Until the advent of British in the early 19th century these tribes were completely free of outside influence. Protected by hostile country which surrounded them these tribes roamed the ancient mountain ranges for centuries leaving trails for their grandchildren to follow, and may be the fortunate group of trekkers.

Program Highlights

  • Learn in detail about the origin and culture of the Kurumbas, Thodas, and the Badagas.
  • Trek through some of the ancient tribal trials in the Nilgiris
  • Discover the rich natural history of Western Ghats Bio Sphere- a UNESCO site
  • Hop into the UNESCO recognized Nilgiri Mountain Railway Toy Train
  • Explore the UNESCO site of Mahabalipuram and the land of thousand temples-Kanchipuram
  • Experience Ayurveda in God’s own country-Kerala
  • Discover yourself in the pristine backwaters of Kerala while experiencing the local culture.

Program itinerary

Day 01: Chennai
Day 02: Chennai-Mahabalipuram-Kanchipuram
Day 03: Kanchipuram-Chennai-Cochin-Mukkali
Day 04: Kurumba Village
Day 05: Kurumba Village
Day 06: Kurumba Village-Nilgiri Grasslands Plateau
Day 07: Nilgiri Grassland Plateau
Day 08: Nilgiri Grassland Plateau
Day 09: Nilgiri Grassland-Thoda Village
Day 10: Thoda Village
Day 11: Ooty
Day 12: Ooty-Allepey
Day 13: Kerala Backwaters
Day 14: Kerala Backwaters-Trivandrum
Day 15: Trivandrum-Chennai /Mumbai-Departure
Activity Particulars