University of Madras
Master’s degree in Archaeology
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
PhD. in Classical Archaeology
University of Mysore, Mysore
PhD in Medieval Indian Art

Accounts Managed: Road Scholar, Academic Travel Abraod, Guggemnheim Museum

Dr Suresh Sethuraman is a renowned archaeologist par excellence; he is responsible for structuring program design and key learning takeaways. Dr Suresh is a Fulbright Scholar who was the official tout guide for the White House and has the distinct reputation of handling several programs for various Presidents of Republic of India. He holds a double doctorate to his academic credit. As an academic archaeologist, he is keen to make his tours totally unique by taking the tour participants, on a ‘time machine’, as it were, to a bygone era. As a tour guide dressed in specially designed period costumes, he sees to it that every aspect of the tour program–the sightseeing visits, lectures, interactions with the local communities, craft demonstrations and even the cuisine–will be related to the historical period or art movement that is the focus of the tour. It is meant to be an enriching experience that is at the same time equally enjoyable. His interactions with the participants shall leave the participants with pleasant memories of the unique art and culture of South and South East Asia.