13 night expedition to explore the tribal culture and unique eco-system of north-eastern India, one of India’s hidden gems.

Program Overview:

This exclusive 13 night program comprises a perfect blend of briengs, eld trips and demonstrations (live shows/performances) showcasing the North-East’s ne unique tribal culture and tranquil surroundings. It also seeks to provide a deeper insight into the history and traditions of the region. This region was
previously inaccessible to many tourists due to stiff restrictions from the tribal folk and Government intervention. On this trip, however , you will have numerous interactions with the various tribes and also get to explore river islands and a very renowned national park.

North-Eastern India is a natural paradise surrounded by ve exotic countries – Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The centre stage of this region is the mighty river Brahmaputra and surrounded by the undulating eastern Himalayas to the north, the arid Tibetan Plateau to the East and the Burmese
rain forests to the south. Lower down the river winds through large tracts of tropical forests which house orchids, insect eating plants, one horned Rhinos, elephant, tigers, red pandas, Gibbons, great pied Hornbills and many other unique species. The thickly wooded slopes of this region are ancestral homeland of several ethnic people of Mongoloid race of which the Naga and the Khasi tribes are distinct for the vibrant cultural heritage.
The banks of river are dotted with ancient ruins to justify the antiquity of the present day Hindu majority . The dilapidated monasteries strewn in the inaccessible jungles and archaeological sites of the Tibetan borderland goes to say that a vibrant Buddhist culture predated the Hinduism at a time when this region served as a corridor for Buddhism to spread into East Asia.
The expedition to this fascinating region begins in Kolkata (Calcutta) for an orientation of main stream India before ying to the Khasi hills to experience tribal culture and the unique ecosystem. The next stop is the vibrant city of Guwahati where we explore ancient Hindu temples before heading to Kaziranga National Park in search of the one horned Rhino. Thereafter we head to the mountains once again – this
time to understand how the head hunting Konyak tribes are managing in the changing world. Our program ends in the tea country of Assam where we explore the Hindu monasteries in a river island and the ruins of Ahoms – Burmese royalties who ruled this region in 6th century AD. We y out of Dibrugarh and spend a day in Kolkata where day rooms are booked for the last day to relax, and indulge in some shopping before embarking on the flight back

Program Highlights

  • Unique cross cultural experiences with the Khasi and Naga tribes.
  • Wildlife safaris and elephant rides in Kaziranga National P ark.
  • Exploring archaeological ruins and hidden temples in the banks and river islands of Brahmaputra
  • An in-depth native experience – local food, local folklore, local craft etc.
  • Learnings about the importance of this region from a bio-diversity , cultural and ecological stand point
    Exclusive cultural performances in Shillong and Mon

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1 Arrival in Kolkata
Day 2 Kolkata
Day 3 Shillong
Day 4 Shillong
Day 5 Guwahati
Day 6 Guwahati
Day 7 Kaziranga
Day 8 Mon (Nagaland)
Day 9 Mon (Nagaland)
Day 10 Mon (Nagaland)
Day 11 Mon (Nagaland)
Day 12 Sibsagar/Majuli/Dibrugarh
Day 13 Dibrugarh/Kolkata
Day 14 Kolkata-Departure

Activity Particulars