Program Overview

Program Highlights

  • Visit the UNESCO sites of Mahabalipuram
  • Understand the heritage of French culture in Pondicherry
  • Visit the famous Danish For Dansborg and shrines in Nagore
  • Visit Madurai-The athens of the East
  • Discover the natural history of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Learn about the culture of the inhabitants of Kumbalangi
  • Visit the heritage sites of Cochin

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 01: Arrival in Chennai
Day 02: Chennai
Day 03: Mamallapuram
Day 04: Pondicherry
Day 05: Tanjore
Day 06: Madurai
Day 07: Madurai
Day 08: Periyar
Day 09: Periyar
Day 10: Kumbalangi
Day 11: Cochin
Day 12: Cochin
Day 13: houseboat
Day 14: Kovalam
Day 15: Kovalam-Trivandrum-Departure
Activity Particulars

Cuisine, Health and Wellness

Indian food encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and occupations, these cuisines vary significantly from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions.
The development of these cuisines has been shaped by Dharmic beliefs, and in particular by vegetarianism, which is a growing dietary trend in Indian society. Traditionally, food in India was considered as a medicine to cure the hungers of the body, mind and the spirit. Ayurveda classifies food according to the attributes of Serenity, Passion and sloth. Largely Indian cuisine, Ayurveda and Yoga are the bench marks of the oldest system of health and well being.


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