Name of the Program: Art and Architecture of North India
Type of Client: Reputed Museum from the USA
Objective of the Program:
Gather insights about Art and Architecture of North India
Understand the evolution of art and architecture of north India
Understand the impact of foreign rule and its effect on art and architecture.

Program Synopsis:
The rich and vibrant culture of India has inspired many to gather deep insights into the Design, art and architecture in India. What is more relevant is to gather these insights from various vantage points in Indian History.  The participants shall first visit Delhi where they shall get insights in to the colonial architecture and the Mughal architecture. Moving to Agra, they shall see the pinnacle of Mughal Architecture-the Taj Mahal following which they shall enter the land of the Rajputs in to Rajasthan where they shall understand the rich vibrant culture of the Rajputs through art and architecture across Jaipur, Bundi, Kota, Chittorgarh and Udaipur. Then an odyssey in Gujarat visiting Ahmedabad to visit one of the finest textile , Modera and Patan to understand medieval architecture.

What we delivered:
Highly relevant interactions with eminent scholars and noted academicians to provide insights.
Visits to UNESCO Sites and key architectural master pieces to understand art and architecture of India.
Duration of the Program: 17 Days
Learning Takeaways
Gather deeper perspectives in to art, architecture and design of India
Understand the thread of unity across diverse cultures of India expressed through diverse art and architecture

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