15 Night Land and River Expedition tracing the birth place of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and understanding its tenets.

Tour Cost: On Request
Single Supplement: On Request
Date: TBA

Program Overview: River Ganga has been a seat of learning to study the relationship between the physical universe, the human body and life. Between 1800 BC and 900 BC four massive volumes of knowledge called “Vedas” were released. Compiled as aphorisms, the “Vedas” concluded that regardless of whether it is a cosmic planet or human body all “gross forms” were composed of millions of subatomic particles which like sand dunes come together and fall apart at any given time. Ironically, after asserting these fundamental principles, the Vedas also concluded that the presence of God as a “creator” and a “sustainer” of these forms is a debatable matter. Later thinkers of the Ganga basin developed four academic disciplines of Vedas-

(a) Mimamsa – study of sub-atomic particles, composition of gross forms and adherences.
(b) Nyaya – study of logic, reason, causes and effects.
(c) Vedanta – pre-supposing presence of “God” this discipline studied the schema of relationship between “gross forms” and “universal energy field” or God.
(d) Yoga – methods to immerse with the universal energy field or God.

Based on Vedas and the four disciplines Ganga and its tributaries witnessed birth to 16 mighty Kingdoms where legendary spiritual leaders like Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Mahavira propounded their teachings. In 500 BC Buddha and Mahavira renounced their princely inheritances and meditated in this region discovering Buddhism and Jainism. The trail of spiritual discoveries repeats one after the other including Yoga, Ayurveda, Sufi and in more recent times Guru Govind Sing gives final shape to Sikhism. After nurturing hundreds of dynasties and waves of humanities the Saga of Ganga continues.
If River expedition, exploring archaeological ruins, mythology, comparative art, philosophy, spiritual discussions, Yoga, Ayurveda and cross cultural experiences excites your then this is the trip to sign on for!


  • Experience art, architecture, spirituality and performing art in world famous sites of Khajuraho and Varanasi.
  • Follow the footsteps of Buddha and Mahavira in Saranath, Bodhgaya and Nalanda.
  • Cruise for seven eventful days in Ganga exploring archaeological sites connected with 16 Kingdoms of ancient India.
  • Understand Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism by interacting with scholars and spiritual teachers.
  • Indulge in Indian wellness system practicing Yoga and Ayurveda under the guidance of experts
  • Itinerary at a glance:
    Delhi- 1 Night, Maidens
    Khajuraho- 2 Nights
    Varanasi- 2 Nights
    Bodhgaya- 2 Nights
    Patna- 1 Night
    Ganga River- 6 Nights
    Kolkata- 1 Night

    Activity Particulars:
    Other than 2 long (but eventful) drives of 5-7 hours each the trip involves very few driving hours.
    A typical day would involve a maximum of two half day excursions upto 3-4 hours each.
    Few day trips involve walking in uneven trails equivalent to climbing 2 – 3 flight of stairs.
    Onboard Yoga and Ayurveda lessons usually last about an hour.
    Interaction with scholars and performing art demonstrations are usually in villages, monasteries and sometimes during pre-dinner reception hours.

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