Name of the Program: Understanding India from Various Vantage Points
Type of Client: Professionals wanting to understand India deeper
Objective of the Program:
Observe in detail the cultural continuity of India
Become sensitive to some of the pressing problems faced in contemporary India in both rural
and urban India
Learn about the vibrant culture of India

Program Synopsis:
India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations that thrive in the 21st century without any discontinuity from its Stone Age origins. Today it is home to 1.2 billion people spread across 35 States and Union Territories making it the second most populous country in the world after China. This program enables the participants understand the growth and development of India. One of the important aspects of development has been the phenomena of urbanization and migration and its resulting impact on the Indian growth story.
Keeping this view, this program has been designed to give the participants a deeper perspective to understand these phenomena from a deeper perspective that has its origin into Anthropology, Sociology and Cultural geography along with Economics.

What we delivered:
Extensive interaction with indigenous communities to learn and understand their culture.
Visits to remotest villages in the India with little/ access to mainstream India.
Insights into the impact of globalization and the rural urban gap that is emerging in India.

Duration of the Program: 21 Days

Learning Takeaways:

Understand the growth of India-an economic super power by understanding the needs and aspirations of various segments of the population
Gather insights from grassroot realities of India

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