12 night surface and on air expedition to explore in depth Contemporary Indian Art and its connection with traditional art of India

Tour Cost: On Request

Single Supplement:On Request


Program Overview: The 21st century is witnessing the blossoming of modern Indian Art. Interestingly India has a long and unbroken art history spanning over 5000 years. Over time the indigenous art traditions that originated in India blended with foreign influences that were brought in by traders and invaders.
The design of Sea faring boats of Kerala, a state in the South Western part of India has a definite resemblance to the boats appearing in the Mesopotamian art, the plastic art traditions of ancient India (especially terra cotta and stone) have direct connection to Greece and China. During the early Christian era Romans traded in India with Gold and Silver coins inspiring generations of Indian rulers to mint thousands of coins over the last two millenium. Then came the influences of Islamic art from Turkey and Iran followed by European srt setting the stage for modern art in India.
Despite the massive and prolonged spell of foreign influence, Indian art has an absolute and a unique heritage because the foreign style were brought to flourish in a platform made up of the grandest and the oldest civilization whose character is to absorb, nurture, synthesize, expand and export. As a result the over arching determinant of Modern Indian Art is its large corpus of artistic legacy which contemporary artists of India consider an inspiration.
If you have an eye for appreciation of some of the best minds of art, well you need to sign up for this program.
• Introduction to traditional Indian art and modern Indian art by scholars.
• Visit Taj Mahal and several important World Heritage sites.
• Attend demonstrations and performances to interact closely with the art world.
• Lively presentations, dinner meets, interactions, discussions and visit to private and public galleries.,
• Private meetings with distinguished artists of Madras, Pondicherry, Bengal, Delhi and Mumbai Schools
Itinerary at a glance:
Day 01: Arrival Chennai
Day 02: Chennai
Day 03: Chennai
Cay 04: Chennai
Day 05: Kolkata
Day 06: Kolkata
Day 07: Agra
Day 08: Agra
Day 09: Delhi
Day 10: Delhi
Day 11: Mumbai
Day 12: Mumbai
Day 13: Departure

Activity Particulars:

  • Walking upto two miles on certain days-need to climb stairs in monuments and temples such as Mahabalipuram, Taj Mahal and the Victoria Memorial.
  • Typical day starts after breakfast with a forenoon and an afternoon session visiting sites and/or artist homes and galleries.
  • On days when we have dinner and/or pre dinner talks by artist, the afternoon sessions shall end early.
  • On certain days we have a morning presentation before heading off to a site.