Name of the Program: Unearthing the Jewels of South India
Type of Client: Director of a Reputed Museum
Objective of the Program
To understand about the rich culture of South India
To know how the traditional crafts are passed from one generation the other

Program Synopsis

South India has been an important geography from the historical and cultural standpoint. The rich temples with its majestic entrance doors, the fine arts and crafts, the secrets of life and longetivity through Ayurveda and the diverse people with varied beliefs and origins form an important base for scholarly pursuits as well as an educational expedition. Keeping this in mind the program attempts to unearth the jewels of this important geography.

What we delivered:
Visits to important UNESCO sites.
Interactions with communities and artisans who have the reputation of imbibing the traditional knowledge of art forms from their fore fathers.
Duration of the Program: 5 Days
Learning Takeaways
Appreciate the interconnection between the art and culture in shaping contemporary India
Apply the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda in day to day living

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