A 15 day overland and on air jounrey to explore the rich culture of the orriginal inhabitants of the Western Ghats-a UNESCO site rich in bio diversity

Program Overview

Program Highlights

  • Understand the culture, lifestyle and challenges faced by the tribal inhabitants of the region-Irulas, Badagas, Todas, Kotas, Paniyars and Kurumbas.
  • Learn about the rich natural history of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO Site in Nagarhole National Park, and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Discover the rich culture of Mysore-an important Heritage city of India
  • Understand about the trade relations of India with medieval Muslim and Arab rulers.
  • Discover the ancient science of Ayurveda

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 01: Arrival Bangalore
Day 02: Bangalore-Mysore
Day 03: Mysore
Day 04: Mysore
Day 05: Mysore-Kabini
Day 06: Kabini-Ooty
Day 07: ooty
Day 08: Ooty
Day 09: Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary
Day 10: Mudumalai
Day 11: Mudumalai-Wynad-Vythri
Day 12: Vythri
Day 13: Vythri-Calicut
Day 14: Calicut
Day 15: Calicut-Mumbai-Departure

Activity Particulars