Wildlife in India

India is considered to house a large number of rare and endangered animal species in addition to housing some of the more common species found the world over. The species in India are considered as rare all over the world, some of them are also considered as endangered species.
To conserve these exotic and endangered species, there are various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. With about 100 national parks and more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries it is spread from all the way up north in Ladakh (Himalayas) to the southern tip of India. They provide outstanding scenic beauty to tourists and wildlife lovers alike.

North East-Paradise Unexplored

North-Eastern  India  is  a  natural  paradise  surrounded  by  ve  exotic  countries  -  Nepal,  Bhutan,  Tibet, Myanmar  and  Bangladesh.  The infinite variety of its geographic setting, its topography, its varied flora and fauna and avian life, the history of its people and the variety of its ethnica communities and their rich heritage of ancient traditions and lifestyles, its festivals and crafts-all make it an important region to be explored.

The Vast Geographical spread of India

Can words define the experience? Riding atop Bactrian camels, immersing into the festivities of the land, from the white snow capped mountains to the green paddy fields, from the aromatic spices of the Peninsula to the Sweet pudding of the North, every experience India traces its roots to the 5000 year old civilization. The one word-Incredible