11 night river and land expedition to explore the wild frontiers of Assam and Nagaland – North-Eastern India.

Tour Cost: On Request
Single Supplement: On Request
Date: TBA

Program Overview: North Eastern India is an ecological paradise surrounded by 5 exotic countries -Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The centre stage is the mighty river Brahmaputra and its adjoining flood plains which are fortified by the towering eastern Himalayas to the north, the arid Tibetan Plateau to the East and the Burmese rain forests to the south. Towards the extreme west, the river widens to become one of the world’s largest deltas before draining into the Bay of Bengal. The river Brahmaputra hosts the world’s largest river island called Majuli dotted with ancient Hindu monasteries and a frugal culture reflecting bygone times. Its north and south banks behold many wildlife sanctuaries that are home for many species of orchids, insect eating plants, one-horned Rhinos, elephants, tigers, Hoolcock Gibbons, great-pied Hornbills and a plethora of other unique species.

If river expeditions, rainforest exploration, cross-cultural experiences, wildlife safaris, exotic cuisine and ethnic folklore are your preferred themes, this is the right trip for you!


  • Venture into the wilderness of Nagaland to meet the King of Konyak and share his legends.
  • Explore the Brahmaputra River for 8 full days.
  • Drop anchor to explore ancient Hindu monasteries and tribal villages.
  • Ride elephants to observe the one-horned Rhinos in Kaziranga National Park.
  • Indulge your senses in music, dance, fine arts and the exotic cuisine of Assam and Nagaland.

Itinerary at a glance:
Kolkata – 1 night
Mon, Nagaland – 3 nights
Brahmaputra Basin – 7 nights
Delhi – 1 night

Activity Particulars:
Other than the 2 drives of 5 hours each, parts of it on bumpy roads to Nagaland and back, the trip involves very few driving hours.
Except for two full day excursions in Nagaland, a typical day would involve a maximum of two half day excursions of 3-4 hours each.
Few day trips involve walking in uneven trails equivalent to climbing 10 flight of stairs-option of driving to the sites is available.
\Onboard Yoga and Ayurveda lessons usually last about an hour. Interaction with scholars and performing art demonstrations are usually in villages, monasteries and sometimes during pre-dinner reception hours.

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