Name of the Program: Evolution of Cinema Industry in India
Type of Client: Alumni from a reputed Media Institution
Objective of the Program:
To learn about the influence of cinema in shaping the Indian Society.
To learn about the current trends in marketing and promotion through media
To learn about the modernization in the production studio and theatres

Program Synopsis:
The Indian Cinema industry which has recently celebrated its 100th year of existence is a very powerful medium of communication.
Covering a range of issues like social challenges in contemporary world, a good cinema presents vivid experiences to the audience depicting varied human emotions like ambition, desire, greed, romance; humor brought alive by the various actors and actresses. Needless to say, Cinema in India has not only reflected the contemporary times but has also given vital inputs on shaping the society at large.

Keeping this scenario in the background, Bharat Travel Service P Ltd, Chennai, India curated a highly engaging to understand the evolution of Indian Cinema Industry.

What we delivered:
Organizing interaction with famous personalities of the Cinema industry to gather practical insights.
Site visits to a Radio Station, Film Studio to learn about the latest advancements.
Visiting local areas to understand the perspective of Cinema and its role in shaping society.
Reflective session anchored by an eminent television personality to integrate the day’s learning into relevant action in one’s career.

Duration of the Program:
1 Day
Learning Takeaways
1. Appreciate the close interconnection between cinema and the society
2. Marketing and Promotion techniques through media
3. Emerging trends in production studios and theatres

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