A 14 night program to discover and understand the three key religions of India-Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tour Cost: On Request
Single Supplement: On Request
Date: TBA

Program Overview:

This 14  night  program  comprises  an  ideal  blend  of  academic  lectures  and  eld visits  with a  hands-on approach highlighting the three key religions in India- Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The central role played by each religion in the daily life and thought process of its adherents will be studied; and along with  it  the  relations  between  these  religions  and  other  religions  found  in  this  most  spiritual  of  countries.

It  is  not necessary that  one needs to  be a  follower  of  Islam,  Hinduism or  Buddhism to  be forever  changed by the  spiritual  wealth of Indian  culture. Religious scholars  and holy men will be your guides through ancient temples and magnificent monuments, where you will learn the history and origins of the major Eastern  religions.  Y ou  will also  learn  the  significance  of  various  spiritual  customs  and  practices,  including yoga and meditation. Whether walking the grounds of the  Taj Mahal, oating down the Ganges River , or travelling by sleeper train to Himalayan pilgrim sites, you will experience the true essence of India  that few  visitors  are  fortunate  enough  to  behold.

When the  Beatles turned  a  generation  on  to  Eastern  philosophy ,  Western  youth  responded  and  began searching  for  the  serenity  they  believed  India  offered.  Four  decades  later ,  India  remains  a  focal  point  for pilgrims  seeking  spiritual  harmony .   You  will  trace  the  footsteps  of  Krishna,  Buddha  and  the  Mughal emperors  on  this  journey  into  the  heart  of  India’s  spiritual  heritage.  Hindu  holy  men, Buddhist  monks and Islamic  scholars  will  be  your  guides  into  the  Eastern  mind  and  soul.
This program kicks off in New Delhi and examines the rise of Islam in India for the rst few days. This is followed  by  a  pursuit  of  Hinduism  roots  at  temples,  Ganger  river  ghats  and  places  of  pilgrimage.  Buddhism is  the  next  link  in  the  chain  of  India’ s  religious  heritage  and  for  the  same,  you  will  get  to  explore  Bodh  Gaya and learn more about the branches and variants of Buddhism. There will also be time for learning more about  other  faiths  like  Sikhism  and  Jainism.  The  trip  nally  concludes  with  a  visit  to  the  Himalayan  pilgrim gateway  sites  of  Haridwar and  Rishikesh  where you  will enjoy  stunning  views  of  the  Himalayan range  and also  get  to  visit  the  former  ashram  of  the  Beatles.


  • Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise, enhanced by an in-depth offsite experience through presentations and Sufi musical concerts.
  • Learn about Hindu and Jain religious art by interpreting the sculptures of Khajuraho – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Take a sunrise boat ride on the Ganges River at V aranasi, and watch thousands of Hindu devotees taking their ritual bath in the holy river.
  • Visit two of Buddhism’s four sacred sites: Bodh Gaya, where the Buddha attained enlightenment and Sarnath, where he preached his rst sermon.
  • Enjoy audiences with recognized Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim masters and meet with pilgrims to gain insights into the essence of pilgrimage in India.
  • Observe public rituals and meditation sites at Rishikesh including the Beatles Ashram and indulge in inter-religious debates and discussion.
  • Religious scholars and holy men as your guides throughout the expedition

Itinerary at a Glance
Day 1- Arrival in Delhi
Day 2- Delhi/Agra (Program Introduction + Sufi Islam)
Day 3- Agra (Taj Mahal, Mughal Craft and Sufi Music)
Day 4-Agra/Jhansi/Khajuraho (Pranami Religion, Village Visits + Khajuraho)
Day 5- Khajuraho (Vishwanath T emples and the Jain Religion)
Day 6- V aranasi (Hinduism and the Ganges River)
Day 7- Varanasi/Sarnath/V aranasi (Ganges Sunrise Cruise + Sarnath + Classical performance of Kathak)
Day 8- Bodh Gaya (Site of Buddha’s enlightenment)
Day 9- Bodh Gaya (Schools of Buddhism)
Day 10- Patna (Nalanda University Ruins + Sikhism
Day 11- New Delhi/Overnight on train (Sikh T emple + Flight to New Delhi + T rain to Haridwar)
Day 12- Rishikesh (Himalayan foothills)
Day 13- Rishikesh (Life in Himalayan Villages + Discussions with Hindu holy men)
Day 14-Rishikesh/New Delhi (Inter-religion Relations + T ravel to New Delhi)
Day 15-New Delhi (Islam and Indo-Islamic architecture + Departures)

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